Anyone familiar with the movie “Jesus Camp” knows exactly what kind of disturbing person Becky Fischer is. Literally abusing children in the name of her “holy crusade”. I had a friend send this video to me of her working with children in Singapore and teaching them how to “raise the dead”. She at one point actually tells the children that she has seen children pray for recently deceased pets and they actually come back to life.

This woman travels the world and makes tons of money to torture and lie to little children. She should be considered a criminal and shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near children. This type of abuse is more common than most people realize in the United States. Many bible camps across the country are just as horrible, she is just willing to put her face out there and unashamedly lie, abuse, and brain wash impressionable young children entrusted to her care.

Reasons I will never be a millionaire: not pretty enough for movies, not dishonest enough for religion. 

(via goodreasonnews)

Source: hatefulatheist