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This creepy iPhone case forces you to interact with Siri. This case covers the smartphone’s screen, revealing only the home button. That way, Siri leaves you no choice but to interact with her. It’s on sale for $90. (Source) 

1. Why

Thanks for the nightmares.

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The automatic criminalization of black and brown bodies

Now hold on a sec I do INDEED have a problem with one picture but not the other.

In the TOP picture you can clearly see two hunting rifles and a mid-sized handgun, which are perfectly reasonable guns for a family to have, and it appears that all three people in the picture are legally old enough to at least have gone to a hunters safety course, which legally justifies the weapons being in their hands for certain purposes - hunting. Hand guns are carried by hunters to defend against bear attacks, should they happen, and by fishermen when fishing in lakes containing sturgeon … because the only way you’re killing a goddamned prehistoric dinosaur fish from hell is by shooting it (no joke).

Now the BOTTOM picture clearly contains only ONE child old enough to have gone through a hunters safety course … and not a single gun that is used for anything other than killing other human beings, and this I have a serious problem with. Guns that are intended ONLY for killing humans (the AR and AK series rifles, which are shown) with CHILDREN is a fucking problem.

Now, if they were hunting rifles in the bottom picture - you know, guns that are meant solely for the procurement of food - then I wouldn’t have an issue outside of the questionable ages of the children shown.

Really huge red flag on the bottom pic is the fact two of the kids clearly have their fingers ON THE TRIGGERS.

Its called trigger discipline. I’ve never been to any gun safety classes and I know that much.

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tonight on news,

we present no new news. we’re just going to see how many times we can say ebola before we pronounce it incorrectly



i just realised jesus faked his death for more followers

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No, Food Lion. It’s not. I’m so sorry.




Online dating — who has it worse?

fucking disgusting

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I finally watched Pacific Rim. I think I would like it more as a graphic novel. There’s just so much to cram into the length of a movie. Visually it was all very pretty but I think the story would have benefitted from a format that would have given it more time to develop.


What IS Black Face?






This is a (loose) transcript of my youtube video

Hey Guys, it’s Kat and I’m here to talk to you about BLACK FACE.

In light of recent controversies, the YouTube community has taken to calling out problematic…

It’s like the Internet read my mind. I was just wanting to read something like this, about this, the other day, but wasn’t sure how to begin the googling thereof, and really not sure how to find and start an actual conversation with a knowledgeable source. This is exactly what I needed to have exist. Thank you, OP.

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